Sell To the Top San Diego Diamond Buyers

Sell Diamonds San Diego

David Levi and Sons Jewelers are the top diamond buyers in San Diego.  We will pay you more for your loose diamonds, jewelry and engagement rings.

We will buy all shapes, sizes, and qualities of diamonds and specialize in buying stones that come with a GIA, AGS, EGL, AIG, IGI, or UGL certificate.

Even if you have lost the certificate or your diamond doesn’t have one, please come in and we can take a look at your stone and tell you the specifications on carat weight, color, clarity, and cut.

San Diego diamond buyers that pay more than anyone else.

David Levi and Sons Jewelers has been serving San Diego for over eighty years and will pay you THE MOST for your  diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.

We pay you MUCH more than other diamond buyers with commission based employees or the high overhead of dedicated San Diego jewelry buyer stores who advertise in the newspapers and on the radio. Paying for all of that advertising, retail store space, employee commissions and salaries, big homes and fancy cars leads to lower offers for you, the seller!

To sell your diamond jewelry, contact us today. Call (619) 238-9100.  We are the premier diamond buyers in San Diego and pay more than anyone else for your diamonds and diamond jewelry.  We also buy gold, silver, platinum, watches and coins.

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